I believe in the words of the famous American psychologist and philosopher William James - "The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind".

I believe that every human being can train himself/herself to be better in his/her personal and professional lives. One has to be aware of the possibility that improvement of one's potential is an achievable objective. One has to realize that everything in life can be done in a better, improved and refined way, provided that the person is aware of the necessary principles and concepts. This is a process of rediscovering and reinventing oneself…

As a coach/trainer, I offer my assistance to individuals/groups trying to reinvent or rediscover their lives. The process of my coaching involves asking questions, discussing the principles, making the person aware of the concepts of human thought process, behaviours, relations and psychology, mentoring to the individual, follow-up and review sessions to track progress, offering corrective steps wherever needed etc. As a coach, I act as a mirror that reflects the problems in an individual's thought process, attitudes, habits, behaviours, inter-personal relationship skills and life skills.

The coaching is always tailor-made taking into consideration the requirements and needs of the individual/group.

My sessions are aimed and moulded so as to help people to identify and achieve their personal and professional goals using a variety of tools and techniques. The training modules and concepts draw inspiration from a wide range of disciplines viz Sociology, Psychology, Modern Medicine, Life Coaching, Mentoring.

My strategies will be based on the principles of Indian philosophy and ethics; which I believe have stood the test of time and are capable of equipping everyone in handling any life situation boldly and efficiently. Priority will be given for achieving happiness, peace of mind and contentment of the individual while pursuing his/her personal and professional goals.

I believe, people are the most valuable asset of any organisation and hence, improving the quality of its workforce is the most important investment an organization can and should do to ensure its overall success. The coaching/trainings are modelled based on this concept and I offer various types of coaching viz personal coaching for individuals, executive coaching for high net worth individuals, business coaching for organisations and spiritual sessions for individuals interested in Indian philosophy.

I reserve the right to accept or reject an individual/organisation for coaching/training.

My Coaching/Training Experience:

I am a Human Success Coach and Personal Facilitator. I have to my credit more than 500 training programs on various topics which includes Positive Attitude, Team Building, Team Dynamics, Values and Ethics, Art of Communication, Art of Listening, Stress Management, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Transactional Analysis and Interpersonal Relationships, Leadership Skills, Setback Management, Work Life Balance, Professionalism to name a few…

A core segment of my specialisation at present is the Qk Slim Workshop. This is a quick, effective, safe, simple and sustainable weight reduction method; conceived, developed and designed by me when I myself had to deal with the problem of obesity. I would very much like to bring awareness to the public in general. This is now available widely to pubic in the form for a full day Workshop.

I was adjudged as the outstanding performer of NALANDA 2010; the most prestigious training program of JCI India for its leaders and trainers. I am a certifired Zone Trainer for Jaycees International and I am a part of Trainers forum, Cochin. In the area of human training, I am specialized in facilitating 'Total Personality Development' of persons as groups and individuals (one to one basis).

I have given training on soft skills for managers and clients of many corporates and organizations like Cipla, Sanofi-Aventis, Schering-Plough(Fulford), Eli Lilly Ranbaxy, Zydus pharmaceuticals, UCB Chemicals, German Remedies, Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Limited, Wallace Pharma, SBI, Muzuris Corporation, Rotary, Lions, Junior Chamber International, Leadership Forum and students and teachers of various schools and colleges.

I have done Product launches for many medical companies in ENT and other medical specialities. I am a Consultant for Crisis & Stress Management, Brand Positioning and Damage Control Exercises for corporate clients and high net worth individuals. I am also a Mentor and Life Coach to quite a few high net worth individuals.

I have wide experience in hosting talk shows and debates in Medical and Current Affairs domains in Television Channels as both LIVE as well as recorded programmes. I have held key positions in Professional and Non Governmental Organizations winning acclaims for my leadership skills. I also have interests in Indian Philosophy, meditation, travelling & photography. Presently working with PVS Hospital as the head of Team Cephale, its Head & Neck Surgical Division for the last 16 years.